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IAS is a platform for making technologies prevalent in the industry available to UTD students and alumnis.



Providing leadership opportunities in areas where Information is at the core of every smart decision



IAS is the leading association of IT professionals aiming to introduce you to technological and leaderships perspectives of the IT world.

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The IAS is an organization for both Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Total No of Active members are 400+.The IAS is being established to advance the professional goals of our students aspiring for BI- related roles with their future employing organizations. The two avenues through which these goal -s will be furthered are education and networking. The former includes the offering of hands-on BI tool use at meetings, on-line review material, and connections with experts.

The latter involves inter -actions with club members who share the same interests and opportunities to engage with outside professionals at both IAS and other BI events. Together such opportunities provide our members with a competitive advantage when both pursuing jobs and performing their jobs once obtained.

Ravi Narayan
Ravishankar Narayan, PhD

Assistant Professor Information Systems


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